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MetaTrader is an online trading platform for the Forex market, designed by the MetaQuotes Software. MetaTrader has been around on Windows PC since 2005, and most traders consider it the best trading platform ever designed. Android and iOS also have their own versions for those who need them.

However, standalone apps are not the end-all-be-all. There are a lot of traders running Linux, Mac OS, Chrome OS, and other systems that are not officially supported. And for them, MetaQuotes released a new web-based MetaTrader Web – or, as the audience quickly started calling it, WebTrader.

Use the best Web-based Forex terminal

What Makes MT4/5 WebTrader Awesome

Universal support. Use MetaTrader online on Gentoo, Chrome OS, or even FreeBSD – as long as your system has a modern web browser, MetaTrader Web will work.

  • Universal support. Use MetaTrader online on Gentoo, Chrome OS or even FreeBSD – as long as your system has a modern web browser, MetaTrader Web will work.
  • Powerful features. Enjoy 9 timeframes, 30 indicators, graphical objects, chart exporting and many other features of the MT4/5 Desktop.
  • Desktop UI. Manage your orders in a familiar UI with the same tabs, windows, and charts as the desktop version.
  • One-Click trading. Create orders with a single click and never be late to a trend even on the 1M timeframe.
  • Customizable charts. Change the color schemes, chart elements, indicators and many other parameters to create your own trading experience.
  • Full Forex compatibility. Use both instant and market execution, set up delayed orders, use stop loss and take profit.
  • Offline capabilities. Keep using your data even when you are not online. Mail, trading history, and pre-downloaded charts are available without an Internet connection.

Of course, you are missing out on some things. For example, you can not use expert advisors with the MetaTrader Web version. They were removed because a Web application has only a limited amount of resources and the trading robots tend to use them rather recklessly. So, if your trading strategy heavily depends on the expert advisors, you might have to look into MetaTrader 4 PC or MetaTrader 5 PC.

Why Use MetaTrader Online

Most traders are using Windows PCs that can easily run MetaTrader 4/5 PC – a more potent and powerful trading platform. However, there are times when MetaTrader Web is the only option:

  • High-security environment. Some people prefer to never install anything on their computers, in order not to catch a virus. There isn’t much you can do using a locked-down computer, so WebTrader becomes the only way to trade on Forex.
  • Budget. You can get a new Chromebook for less than $100 nowadays. It’s much cheaper than the proper laptops, but you can’t install Windows on it. With MT4/5 Webtrader, however, a Chromebook can still become a portable trading platform.
  • Temporary access. Sometimes you just need to check something quickly on someone else’s PC. With the Webtrader, you don’t have to install and then uninstall the desktop version of MT4/5. Just remember to delete the cookies once you are done.

On the other hand, there are cases when using WebTrader is not recommended. For example, if you have a bad Internet connection, you will have fewer lags and a better experience with MetaTrader 4/5 PC or even mobile versions. The reason is that WebTrader needs to download and upload slightly more data.

Overall, MetaTrader Web is a tool for the edge-cases. It is better as an additional tool through and through, and while you can use it full-time, you’d be far better off with a desktop solution. Still, once you are stuck in one of those edge cases, you realize just how awesome MetaTrader Web is.

How to Use MetaTrader Web at JustMarkets

JustMarkets supports MetaTrader Online with both demo and live accounts. You can use it as your primary trading platform or in conjuncture with a desktop or mobile solution.

You will need to create a JustMarkets account before you can use the WebTrader. In order to create one, sign up.

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